Ubei Pet Electric Heating Pad for Dog and Cat Adjustable Waterproof Anti-bite Steel Cord Dog Large Warm Bed Mat Heated Suitable for Pets Big Deds Pets Blankets and Kennel (28.3"x18.9")



Brand: Ubei


  • Pet heating pad: suitable for advanced animals such as cats and dogs, arthritic pets, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals recovered from illness or injury. It help pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) keep warm and comfortable in winter.
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof pet heating pad: durable waterproof printing material. The interior is fire retardant cotton which is durable, comfortable, dust-free, anti-shock (to ensure your pet is safe), easy to clean by hand .
  • Power-off protection temperature control: high/low temperature control. The temperature can be adjusted 2 levels ,high power 55w, low power 28w It protects your pet from overheating,We recommended that you can use the high temperature to quickly raise the temperature to the ideal temperature, and then transferred to the low to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Best used in a doghouse, garage, barn, shed and/or porch. Offers the ultimate comfort for all animals including recovering, arthritic or aging pets. Low and safe voltage, using alone or with your existing dog beds/cat beds, fits most pet beds.
  • Safety instructions: Please keep the pet heating pad flat when using, and do not fold the heating pad when using. Cover the heating pad with objects such as thin pillows or wool (not heavy). Indoor use only.

When you read here, I am sure you are a very caring pet owner.
We all know:During the winter season, many dogs and cats feel the cold as much as their owners do, especially when they are not used to the cold.
In order to keep your specific dog warm through the winter months, it’s worth your time to make sure your pup stays nice and warm all winter.
Ubei dog heating pad is designed to cradle your pet in gentle warming comfort and it is safe and secure.
Because we have FCC/CE certification!
Name: dog and cat electric heating pad
Size(approx.): 48*72cm / 18.90*28.35in
Power specification: 110-120V
Gear : 2 levels adjustable
Power: high power 55w, low power 28w
Temperature range: 30-45 degrees /95-122℉.
Power cable length: about 1.5m / 59.06in,Total length: 2 meters.
Material: the surface is waterproof printing material, the interior is fireproof and flame retardant cotton!
Certification: FCC/CE certification!
1. Do not fold when it is powering on! Remember to unplug the power when it is not in use!
2. Please do not use a sharp tool to cut the surface of the heating pad!
3. Do not open the heating pad privately!
4. The surface material is waterproof material which is not removable and washable. It cannot be washed in the water. If the surface is dirty, you can wipe the dust off with a damp cloth!
Product list:
1* pet heating pad

EAN: 8431224482372