Furry Fanatics - Novelties and Decor

So where are you on the cat versus dog spectrum?  Are you a cat or dog person…or maybe both?  I, for one, am both…no doubt about it.

I grew up loving animals of all kinds, especially cats and dogs.  I can’t remember a day when I didn’t have both in my life.

The first pet I remember was about age 3 when my Aunt allowed me to take a baby chick home from my Grandparents barn.  It was so tiny and fragile and I handled it with such care.  I thought sure I would be able to keep it for life but it was not to be.  My Mother allowed me to play with it for a bit then explained to me that it needed it’s mother just like I did so I reluctantly returned the little chirping chick.

From there, I was hooked on pets and have had many in the years since then.  As a child, I had a dog named Tippy, two named Benny and a cat named Buffy, who blessed us with more kittens that I can count.

Cat and dog novelty items and decorations are a given for people like me and others who may be shopping this website.  We love to show our love for our pets in all kinds of fun and fanatical ways.  That’s why this pet supply website was destined to also have a category for us cat and dog fanatics.

We offer everything from fun cups, mugs, key chains and car tags to home decorations that share your love of your furry friends.  Items such as rugs, shower curtains, towels and wall art.

Make the statement you want to make about your love of pets by shopping here.  And don’t forget your family and friends.  Be sure to send them our way or, better yet, purchase a gift they will love and pass it along.