Dog Grooming

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Our dog grooming products are a must have for all your dogs, large and small. Keep them looking and smelling snuggle ready with our high quality products. Shop our shampoos, brushes, grooming kits and more.

Just as their human friends enjoy a nice, relaxing shower to keep them, our furry friends enjoy being clean and we certainly can enjoy them more when they’ve had a fresh warm bath with a nicely scented shampoo.  For your 4 legged friend who may need a little help with those pesky pests like fleas and ticks, you’ll also find shampoos specially formulated to help keep you furry family member pest free, even in the hottest part of summer, when those pests thrive so well.

Conditioners and detanglers are a must for those long haired beauties.  Make bathtime fun and relaxing for them, yet simple and easy for you to ensure their coat is healthy, shiny and tangle free.

Speaking of keeping your furry pals clean and beautiful, nothing makes them feel more special or look more pampered than a spa day at home.  Shop our quality grooming supplies…everything from electric grooming clippers to scissors, nail clippers and grinders and a great variety of combs and brushes for dogs of every kind.  Your pet will be ready for night on the town or just a stay at home snuggle on the sofa with their favorite people.

When your pets are family, you want them to have the best of everything.  We understand that because we’re pet people too.  That’s why we only select high quality products for you and your furry family members, our loyal customers.