Dog Crates

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Our dog crates make training and traveling with your canine companions a breeze. Shop our soft side crates, wire crates and folding crates for just the right size, style and safe place for your dog, big or small.

Crating a dog is often a controversial topic but, I for one, am a big believer in using crates for training and traveling if done responsibly.  The crate should never be too small, as that could feel like punishment to your dog, nor too large, as it could defeat the whole purpose if you’re trying to train a young puppy.  Where possible, the best solution is starting with a small crate to fit your puppy and moving to a larger size as he or she grows.

To make sure your pet feels good about the crate, make it feel welcoming.  Keep the crate in a temperature controlled area (not to hot or too cold), make it always accessible by keeping the door open so that the dog can go inside and out whenever he wants.  Always have toys and chews that are safe for the dog to keep to chew on and play with even when you’re away…nothing they could easily choke on or get tangled up in.  These things, along with a comfortable crate pad will soon help your dog to see the crate as a place of calm and security.

Check out our wide variety of crates.  The soft sides come in handy for traveling as you can fold and stash them in some pretty small spaces.  Our wire crates come in a variety of sizes with some having a side and front opening so that no matter how or where you need to set them up, you’ll be able to make the crate easily accessible to your dog.  All of our wire crates also fold flat so that they can be transported while using minimal space.

Regardless of whether you have a teeny tiny Yorkie or a giant Great Dane, you’ll find our selection of crates have something that will be the perfect solution for your furry friends.  If you don’t even have a dog yet but are looking to add one to your family, you’ll find just what you need.

Being dog lovers ourselves, we want you and your dog to have a great life together, doing everything together and going everywhere you can together.  Our dog crates will help you do all of that and more.  A crate is a great first item to purchase for any dog owner.  You’ll be glad you did and your pup will thank you for it.

Happy tails!