Dog Supplies

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When it comes to dogs, we know a thing or two.  We know you need essential supplies for feeding, bathing and grooming your furry friend, as well as a lot of toys, treats, bones, cute collars and a myriad of other items that we probably buy for ourselves, more so than our pets.

Thus is the life of a pet lover.  We would probably be rich if we had all the money we’ve spent on our pets over the years but we certainly wouldn’t have had as rich a life without our 4-legged companions who are forever loyal to us.

Dogs make wonderful companions for the young and old, especially if you can manage to start loving on them while they’re young.  I recall many years and many puppies at my house when I was growing up.  I loved pets of all kinds, especially dogs.

A dog can put a smile on anyone’s face, it seems.  I love seeing dogs in hospitals and nursing home as part ot patient therapy.  I truly believe there can be no better therapy than a little wet nose and puppy kisses or an older dog that just wants to be with their family member, doing anything or nothing…they are content either way.

Dogs, as the old saying goes, are definitely mans best friend or at least that can be.  They comes in so many shapes, sizes, colors and personalities, there’s always sure to be one to fit the interest and needs of every human alive.  The first dog I truly remember having as a child was a little rat terrier mix named Tippy.  He was white with black spots and was an outside dog.  When I was a bit older, my Dad, who knew how crazy I was about dogs and cats, surprised me with a precious dachshund.  We named him Benny.  He was a great pet and very tolerant of my insistence on dressing him in baby clothes from time to time.

I didn’t have much opportunity to buy all the interesting pets supplies, toys and treats that I have today so, needless to say, I take every opportunity to spoil my furry friends when I see something I think they might like.

Our website invites you to spoil your friends too.