Cat Collars

Our cat collars come in many styles and colors. You are sure to find the perfect one for your feline family members whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat. We have your simple basic collars in multiple colors, the fancier bling collars and the very important high visibility cat collars, made especially for those outdoor cats or your indoor cats who just like to roam a bit from time to time, especially if they are night roamers.

The basic cat collar is a simple classic accessory that doesn’t cost a lot and yet goes a long way in showing your cat’s individuality and maybe gives people a pretty good idea of whether it’s male or female, just based on the typical colors we tend to use for boys versus girls.

If you’re cat is fancy and likes to strut her stuff, you might opt for some of our collars with bling!!  It’s a great way to show off your cat’s ‘look at me’ personality.  Oh, and you can always add a a little bell to the bling to help your fancy friend be noticed (she will love you for it) and to keep up with her if she has a tendency to let her aloofness get her in trouble.

For those of you who have night roamers, the high visibility collars can be a life saver…literally.  Keep your cat safer by making sure the collar is wide enough to be seen through any long haired cats and that it fits well enough not to be easily slipped off by the cat or by a predator that might be trying to do harm to him or her.  It can not only help keep your cat safe but can also provide you greater peace of mind knowing that you’ve done everything you can to help keep your feline friend safe.