Cat Supplies

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When it comes to cats, we know a thing or two.  We know you need essential supplies for feeding, bathing and grooming your furry friend, as well as a lot of toys, treats, bones, cute collars and a myriad of other items that we probably buy for ourselves, more so than our pets.

Thus is the life of a pet lover.  We would probably be rich if we had all the money we’ve spent on our pets over the years but we certainly wouldn’t have had as rich a life without our 4-legged companions who are forever loyal to us.

Cats, while they can certainly be the epitome of indifference, can also make wonderful companions, especially if you can manage to start loving on them while they’re young.  I recall many years and many kittens at my house when I was growing up.  I loved pets of all kinds but had a really sweet cat names Buffy who frequently had kittens and would always bring one of them to the back door because she was confident that me and my Mom would make sure to place it in just the right box in the garage to keep it safe and warm.  Inevitably, the following morning, I would rush out to the garage and find the whole litter of kittens had been brought to the box and were sleeping safe and sound with their mother.

Cat lovers are often in a class of their own.  They will take in 1 or 100 cats because that’s just who they are and they can’t resist the purrs and nuzzles.  Some of my very favorite pets have been cats.  While they can be a bit independent, it’s also nice that they are pretty self-sufficient.  Food, a litter box, an occasional bath and a lot of love are about all it takes to enjoy a feline friend.

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