My Covid Christmas Companions

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To say 2020 has been a difficult year would be an understatement.  So many people have experienced so much physical, financial and/or emotional devastation from Covid-19.  Most assuredly, all of us have experienced some level of grief over the loss of family, friends or acquaintances caused by this dreaded virus.  Sadly, many of them had to be isolated from everyone they know and love.

I, too, was a victim of this monster virus, but thankfully, my symptoms were moderate and lasted only a few days.  Nevertheless, it meant quarantine and distancing for my husband, cancelling all of our traditional family Christmas activities and our long awaited trip to visit our children and grandchildren who live 12 hours away.  One diagnosis had changed everything about our Christmas season.  I was sad, to say the least, but my furry family members made sure I wasn’t alone.

I’m always amazed at just how attuned our pets can be to our routine and emotions but even more amazed at how they seem to know when we’re sad or sick.  Even my little 5 month old terrier was suddenly calm and content to lie in my lap for hours at at time, when I first began feeling bad but didn’t yet know what was going on.  Maybe that was my clue…I just didn’t pay attention.

As my symptoms grew worse, I spent a couple of days in bed.  Little guy, Louie, spent a couple of days with a sitter but Russo, my standard poodle, and Finn, my cornaby cat, never left my side.  It was so very obvious they knew something was wrong with me and they did not want me to be alone.  When it was time to go potty or eat a meal, both had to be physically taken from my room and both refused to eat for the most part.  All they wanted to do was get back to their human whom they knew was not ok.  They were so calm, still and quiet…so keenly aware of my sickness and need for rest.  They were such a comfort to me….a comfort everyone should experience, especially when faced with unexpected illness.

As I began to feel better, so did Russo and Finn.  Both followed my cue….when I was up and moving around, so were they.  When I grew tired or decided it was time for a nap, they were happy to curl up beside me and do the same.  Their companionship was so amazing and so comforting.  I can’t imagine how lonely those few days would have been without them and my sweet husband, who kept a close check on me, even though I kept insisting that he distance himself as much as possible.

This Christmas season has definitely been a strange one and not the kind I ever wish to experience again but I’m grateful to be alive and ‘almost’ well on this Christmas Day.  I’m able to sit at my kitchen table, typing this blog, with my 3 furry family members and my husband nearby.  We have the gift of zoom and facetime so that we’re able to see joy in the faces of our children and grandchildren.  Most of all, we have the gift of Jesus, the real reason for this Christmas season.  A baby changed everything and we are richly blessed.

Merry Christmas to all!