Latchkey Dogs – Tips to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe While You’re Away

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Things You Can Do to Help Ensure Your Dog is Safe While You Are Away

There are many things you can do to help ensure your dog is safe when you are away from home, whether you are out shopping or at the office.

Exercise Helps
One of the first things you should do when you know you will be leaving your dog alone at home is to exercise them adequately before you leave. A tired dog is going to be less likely to look for trouble.

Safety First
Dog-proof the area where you plan to leave your dog unattended. Make sure you put all items that could potentially hurt your dog safely away. Ensure that windows are closed and shut all doors to rooms that are not dog-proofed and safe. If you have multiple dogs who occasionally disagree, it might be better to separate them while you are away.

Less is Better
When you are preparing to leave the house, resist the urge to make a fuss over your dog. Instead, please keep it brief and straightforward. Making a big deal out of leaving may help you, but it can make things worse for your dog. A simple goodbye is best.

The Smell of Comfort
One way to comfort your dog while you are gone is to leave items with your scent. Wear an old t-shirt around the house for a day and then put it over a teddy bear or even an old throw pillow for your dog to cuddle and be comforted by your familiar scent. Another idea is to give your dog a cushion they can cuddle with a pillowcase on it that you have used. Having your scent on items they can cuddle will provide them with comfort while you are gone.

Happy Surprise
Treat and toy dispensers are a fantastic invention for dogs who are often home alone. Electronic treat dispensers will allow you to use an app on your phone and trigger a treat to be given to your dog. Some can be set on a simple timer to release a treat or toy. Other, more elaborate dispensers allow you to see and talk to your dog while you are gone.

Routines are Important
Making sure you have a set routine will help your dog tremendously. Like children, dogs find comfort in daily routines and will be less stressed while you are gone if they know to expect your absence daily.

Mary Poppins – Puppy Style
Dog sitters or dog walkers are an excellent choice for when you will be away for long hours or if your dog is a young puppy. They provide a fantastic way to maintain a stable daily pattern for your dog. Routines are vital in helping your dog to thrive.

No one wants to leave their dog home alone, but with a bit of planning, you can make the best of it and enable your dog to be comforted and happy in your absence.