Finn McMissle

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Our Grandson had become quite intrigued by cats when a small kitten showed up on our patio late one evening.  James was about 4 years old at the time.  We weren’t sure he was ready for a cat and we knew the dainty little kitten was likely not ready for him!  Nevertheless, here we were with a helpless young kitten that needed food and a warm place to sleep.  To our surprise, James and the kitten quickly became friends and enjoyed each others company for a couple of weeks before the kitten just disappeared.  We were all quite heartbroken and searched for the kitten for days with no luck.

Fast forward a year or so and it was obvious James still loved cats so we decided to surprise him with a Cornaby (half cornish rex and half abyssinian).  He named his new buddy Finn McMissle, from an animated kids show that he loved and Finn became part of our family, or maybe I should say, we became Finn’s family.

As most of us cat people know…cats are the epitome of indifference and can be quite aloof and independent, to say the least!  Finn was no exception.  He had a mind of his own and persistence was (and still is) his middle name.  An open box, bag, drawer or door was his invitation to hop in and explore…and explore he did, sometimes to his own detriment.  But, the old saying that a cat has nine lives must be true because, somehow, Finn has gotten himself into some pretty tricky predicaments but, somehow, managed to survive.  There was the time we found him crawling around in the attic of our house on a cold winter day…who knows how long he had been there;  and the time we heard him meowing as he struggled to get a hold on the central unit duct he had fallen into when my husband was changing the unit filter;  the time he was found trapped in a file cabinet drawer and the many times he got past us when an outside door was opened and found himself face to face with some ‘not so friendly’ canine neighbors.

Finn is something else alright and he is fiercely independent but he’s also fiercely loyal and affectionate to his humans and we wouldn’t trade him for the world.  He greets us by jumping into our arms or onto our shoulders if we don’t quickly acknowledge his presence, sleeps wherever he chooses, which most often is in my bed and makes sure we know when his bowl is empty, whether he’s hungry or not.

If you’ve never had a cat in your life, you don’t know what you’re missing.  They are characters that you will never tire of watching and never figure out but, that’s what makes them so special.  Everyone should have a cat in their life. 🙂