Latchkey Dogs – Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend Happy While You’re Away

Latchkey Dogs- Keeping Them Happy While You’re Away Dogs are man’s best friend, evolved to be our partners in crime and protectors over hundreds of years. So it only makes sense that they feel a little uneasy when their humans leave for hours during the day. This instance has become known as the latchkey dogs: […]

Latchkey Dogs – Tips to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe While You’re Away

Things You Can Do to Help Ensure Your Dog is Safe While You Are Away There are many things you can do to help ensure your dog is safe when you are away from home, whether you are out shopping or at the office. Exercise Helps One of the first things you should do when […]

A Pet for Every Person

What Is the Best Pet For Every Person? So, you’re considering becoming a pet owner – well, good for you. Pets are fantastic soul beings that can ultimately change our lives for the better. Not only do they administer unconditional love to their pet owners, but they also provide companionship. However, choosing the right pet […]

2020 ‘Woof’ and ‘Meow’ Review

Like myself, I’m sure anyone reading this post has reflected on both the good and the bad of 2020 and regardless of how you weigh it, I think we will forever remember that it was a year like no other.  Did you ever wonder, though, what your pets would say about this year if they […]

My Covid Christmas Companions

To say 2020 has been a difficult year would be an understatement.  So many people have experienced so much physical, financial and/or emotional devastation from Covid-19.  Most assuredly, all of us have experienced some level of grief over the loss of family, friends or acquaintances caused by this dreaded virus.  Sadly, many of them had […]