Dog Toy Overload

So you have a new puppy or maybe even an older rescue dog…congrats to you, my friend!  Now, if you’re like me, the first thing you wanna buy, after the essential supplies, of course, is toys!  I mean, after all, our dogs are like children to most of us and we love showering them with […]

Take an Adventure Break

Training our dogs is important, especially new puppies who have so much to learn about living with their humans, but sometimes the dog and the human just need a break from all the sitting, heeling, no’s and other command and responsibilities of the day.  That’s when I say “let’s go for an adventure walk”.  Even […]

Noel – the Devon Rex

She was born in December so the name was appropriate and the special spirit she embodied was most definitely comparable to the joy of the Christmas season. I had been researching cats for quite some time and finally had decided on a Devon Rex.  I was intrigued by the elfish appearance, small size and the […]

The Housebreaking Challenge

The dreaded task of housebreaking…no doubt it’s one of the first negative thoughts that comes to mind when you think about a new puppy in the house or when your child, who has been begging you for a puppy for 2 years, has finally gotten the answer they’ve been waiting for.  “I don’t mind having […]

Playing Brain Games with your Dog

Who doesn’t love owning a dog? No matter the amount you own, or how old they are, all that matters is that you have what’s best known as man’s best friend by your side. The best part is their huge obsession with playing games, whether it’s a simple game of fetch or a challenge that […]