2020 ‘Woof’ and ‘Meow’ Review

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Like myself, I’m sure anyone reading this post has reflected on both the good and the bad of 2020 and regardless of how you weigh it, I think we will forever remember that it was a year like no other.  Did you ever wonder, though, what your pets would say about this year if they could talk?  Call me crazy, but here’s my take on what my furry crew might say about it:

Russo (dog) – The year started out as every other…my humans back to work, busy from early till late.  They made sure I was taken care of in between work, appointments, ball games and other family events.  I settled in to my usual routine of catching a hug, pat or treat whenever I could.  Sometimes, I resorted to a little mischief to get their attention….sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Finn (cat) – The first couple months of 2020 was the norm.  I was able to enjoy my daily hours of solitude…humans at work, dogs confined to another part of the house and I….ah, I was free to lounge wherever I desired.  My bowl of food was always filled…if not on schedule, I was quick to let someone know, of course.   All in all, life was good.

Russo – As I recall, it was a few months into 2020 when I noticed a bit of change to the routine around my house.  My human parents seemed to be around more but there wasn’t the usual traffic of other humans I was accustomed to seeing come and go.  It was a bit odd but I wasn’t complaining…I seemed to be getting an extra amount of petting and an extra treat here and there.

Finn – Sometime into the year, I started noticing that my humans were hanging around the house more and the dog was being allowed to roam and play around the house for hours every day…it was really disrupting my routine and I wasn’t too happy about it.  I chose to keep relatively quiet about it, thinking it was a short-lived situation….actually, I was counting on it being a short lived situation.  What were these people thinking!

Russo – By the time summer arrived, I was quite thrilled with my new lifestyle.  My humans were home so much more and when they went anywhere, I was often allowed to go along for the ride.  We never stayed anywhere very long except for some camping trips…those were great!!  It’s as if I was one of the humans!  I rode in the truck, lived in the camper with my humans, got taken on many walks around the camp areas and even got to visit with other canine campers from time to time.  At night, I was allowed to sit out around the campfire and even got a few tastes of grilled meat, smores and other yummy people snacks.  We never went to the same campsite twice…all of them were new and exciting places for me to explore.  I heard my humans talking a lot about some virus that was making this a tough year but I didn’t understand all of that.  For me, life was getting sweeter and sweeter and I was going to be on my best behavior to make sure I didn’t mess it up.

Finn – Again…what were these people thinking!  By mid-summer, I was feeling the effects of my disrupted lifestyle.   Oh, it was nice having my bowl filled on a more regular schedule by these humans who never seemed to leave the house and it was nice seeing that my litter box was cleaned better and more often than usual but….what about my long, lazy days of peace and quiet.?.?  I heard my humans talking about some type of virus that was creating this ‘stay home’ situation but I didn’t know what that was all about.  All I knew was there needed to be a happy medium…was that asking too much?  I think not!

Russo – Fall rolled around and instead of things going back to the old routine, there seemed to be even more welcome but unusual behavior among every human I knew and even the ones I didn’t know.  All of them were wearing muzzles…about time they had a dose of what us dogs have experienced, I thought.  But, believe me, I didn’t say anything…if they wanted to wear muzzles, so be it.  I was keeping my nose clean and basking in the good life.  That is until my humans decided they had time to add another canine family member who had been booted out of his home.  Geez, I thought…he’s an 8 pound terrorist…why did you bring him into our happy home, I say….why??

Finn – By fall of the year, my humans had clearly lost their minds!  As if my life wasn’t chaotic enough, with all the constant activity in my previously docile domain, they decided to torture me with what can only be described as a sadistic hyena on steriods.  It’s all downhill from here, I thought.  My life will never be the same.

Russo – Wow, it’s almost Christmas and my humans have been here more and more…they’ve hardly left my side.  How good can it get and what did I do to earn this reward, I thought.  Normally, my humans are out Christmas shopping and going to Christmas parties but not this year.  They’ve been doing lots of on-line shopping.  My human Mom has been doing a lot of research and I’ve really been cashing in on all that healthy food she’s ordering me.  Oh, and the treats and chews….they’re out of this world.  Me and the little terrorist get a special chew treat every night.  Yeah, he’s still a pain but I tolerate him since my humans seem to like him and I don’t want to mess up the good thing I’ve had for months now.  I’m hoping life never goes back to normal, even though I hear my humans wishing for it all the time.  Why would they want to go back to that crazy merry-go-round life….I just don’t get it.

Finn – Will these people and dogs ever get out of my hair.  I mean, it is nice knowing I have a family but geesh….it’s the last day of the year…give me a break.  A feline guy needs his rest.  Just keep my bowl filled and my box clean and I’m good.  Well…and make sure you’re in bed every night so that I can snuggle up next to you while you sleep….I wouldn’t want you to get lonely on my account.  I mean you are only human.

So long 2020….may we never forget the important lessons we’ve learned from both people and pets.  And may we never forget what’s really important to us in this fleeting life.